Live Music and Events

Since June 2011, Pine Box Rock Shop has been hosting some of the very best local and touring live music, theater, comedy and film screenings in our professionally-designed and equipped event space.

For live music, our backline consists of 2 Traynor guitar cabs with Blackstar HT heads and a TC bass cab with Orange head. We have a complete Gretsch Catalina Club drum kit (supply your own pedal, cymbals and snare), half a dozen mics and stands. All vocals and some DI instrumentation is run though our 24-channel Mackie Onyx mixer.

Generally speaking, our line-ups are booked 45-60 days in advance. Please send a short inquiry and include the name of your act/acts, the date/potential dates you are hoping to play, your contact info (name, email, website) and anything we should know about your band or act.

Please note, due to the large number of requests we receive for booking, we only respond to emails when we think something might work. Please feel free to follow up with another message a few weeks later, but we can’t promise a response to all inquiries.

We look forward to hearing from you!