Vegan Friendly

Pine Box Rock Shop is a vegan-friendly bar. If you’re not vegan and have no vegan friends, this is of no significance to you. Simply click the back button and enjoy the rest of our site. If you care to know more, by all means, read on!

Owned and operated by two vegans (and one vegan-friendly), Pine Box Rock Shop proudly carries only products containing no animal ingredients. To some, this may conjure images of an indignant barkeep shaking his or her finger and refusing the delivery of a case of pork-infused vodka. In reality (and sadly), many companies that produce spirits, beers, wines and sodas unnecessarily incorporate the use of gelatin, isinglass (fish bladders), carmine (ground beetles) and other “ingredients” for filtration or presentation-related reasons. You will find none of those products at our bar. In addition to our own pavement-pounding due diligence, we also use (and recommend you do as well) the online vegan wine and beer guide Barnivore to help us determine what is safe to carry and what is not. We cannot recommend this site enough.

In addition to company provided items, Pine Box Rock Shop also provides in-house alternatives to traditionally non-vegan bar favorites such as Bloody Mary’s (some of the best in the city, vegan or not, so we’ve been told!) and our own homemade Irish Creme. Ever had a cruelty-free Car Bomb? We have!

Alcohol aside, Pine Box Rock Shop is also a great place to enjoy animal-free snacks. Park Slope-based vegan eatery V-Spot supplies us with three delicious empanada options (available open-close daily). We’d like to brag that we also carry the best potato chips you’ll find in NYC - Tim’s Cascade, shipped from the Great Northwest.

The best part about all of this (aside from the obvious) is there’s no need for us to shun more popular and superior products in favor of more bland or just plain weird vegan alternatives. As it turns out, all the best beer companies (Lagunitas, Abita, Sixpoint, Sly Fox, etc) and snack companies (Tim’s, Beer Nuts, etc) are already vegan or vegan-friendly.

We’ve taken all those concerns off your mind so that you can spend your energy making other important decisions, such as whether to have an original or eXXXtra spicy Grim Pickle!