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We hope you'll love us too.

Pine Box Rock Shop is a haven in a broken world. The ease of access and range of drink options add joy to many of my days, but especially in these strange times. I can't stress enough how happy I am to be able to grab a drink somewhere that is super committed to maintaining social distancing. There may only be so many neighborhood bars left in NYC and fewer after all this shakes out, but Pine Box offers a through line and sense of community, fully six feet apart, as a family business. If you aren't stopping by or ordering bike delivery, I wish you well, but am sure you are missing out. Stay safe. But. Get to the Box.

Blossom, Aimee, & Alex

We were lucky enough to know and love Pine Box for years.  So when they began offer delivery options it was a no brainer! We got Growlers full of devious beer, the best Bloody Mary this side of Transylvania, and Sam in a Sweater *(which can only describe as one of the best rootbeer floats you have never had).  EVERYTHING come in reusable growlers or jars...and gets here in no time.

Everyone should have a little Pine Box in their life.

Dana K.

Going to Pine Box was part of my regular life before the pandemic and I'm so grateful that they've stayed open. Going to get take out drink (or having them deliver) brings a slice of much needed normalcy and happiness! The new cocktails that they rolled out are delicious and I love that they come in a pouch! Who doesn't love a good pouch drink?? I highly recommend their Rose Sangria!

Also I love that they were able to figure out a fun way to have trivia still while social distancing since Wednesday Night Trivia was one of my favorite things to do at Pine Box! 

Alica B.


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